Global Membership



Jankowski was approached by the Soho House – a members club and hotel with venues around the world – to produce a new work for their new headquarters in London, which should be related to the Soho House Berlin, the city where the artist works and lives. The invitation came by email and included a set of conditions, such as: the size of the work, the possible techniques as well as the artist fee offer. Inspired by this, Jankowski decided to make a selfportrait presenting the burdens and benefits of an artist who reaches out for global membership. The photograph depicts the artist waving for a taxi surrounded by 15 of his old pieces of luggage in front of the hotel. The white, hand-written tags on each of the suitcases make excerpts from the initial email invitation sent by the Soho House visible. The diverse designs of the worn out and well travelled suitcases become the holders of imagination for “very high end”, “wall based”, “amazing art for the offices” etc. While the globe spins, the overloaded artist may wait a long time for a taxi to stop.

15 arrangements consisting of:
– Acrylic paint on suitcase in acrylic glass box
– Inkjet print on baryta paper, 86 x 61 x 3,3 cm
– Inkjet print on paper, 29,7 x 21 cm.

Global Membership, Installationview for the Exhibition Sender and Receiver at Fluentum Berlin, 2020