Öffentliche Badewanne / Public Bath



Jankowski found a bathtub on the street and decided to place it in the display window of his Hamburg storefront apartment and studio, Friedensallee 12. He then invited passersby to take a bath – to go about a more private matter in public. As an incentive, Jankowski offered to play the music they wanted to hear, and he had a refrigerator filled with food and drinks. He loaned bathers his rubber duckie and water pistol or even gave them a massage. Two video cameras – one inside the store and one outside – recorded the bathers. As a result, those passing in front of the display window were also caught on film as they stopped to watch. (In collaboration with Rüdiger Salzmann, Bianca Schöning, and Silvana Toneva.)



Participative project

Video (1 Digital Betacam, 1 DVD)