Der sichere Ort / Secure Space



Jankowski hired a security company to guarantee the safety of guests inside his apartment. The company installed security cameras, bulletproofed the windows, and removed objects from the apartment that could potentially be used as weapons. Instead, they provided chairs and folding mattresses for anyone who might want to sit or nap. For the next 24 hours, guards monitored the interior, while Jankowski stood on the street, inviting passersby to come in and enjoy total security. On their way in, the entrants were searched for weapons. Jankowski created a second version of Der sichere Ort in an abandoned bank building near King’s Cross in London for the exhibition Urban Islands in 1999.


der sichere Ort1

Installation view, Friedensallee 12, Hamburg

der sichere Ort7

der sichere Ort2

der sichere Ort3

der sichere Ort4

der sichere Ort5

Video (1 Betacam, 6 DVD), 24 hours, PAL, 4:3, color, no sound, edition of 5, II