Sprachkurs: Tysk for danske Kunstnere. Dänisch für deutsche Künstler (Language Course: German for Danish Artists. Danish for German Artists



Jankowski developed the two video language courses Tysk for danske Kunstnere (German for Danish artists) and Dänisch für deutsche Künstler (Danish for German artists) in Copenhagen and Offenbach, respectively, within the context of a German-Danish group exhibition. Language teachers introduced the different chapters. The dialogues that follow, delivered by artists speaking the language being taught, describe the process of preparing an exhibition from an artist’s perspective. In brief accompanying scenes, they reenact the moments when the curator invited them, they agreed to participate, they worked in the studio, drove in the car, arrived at the exhibition space, among many others. In enchantingly simple dialogues, they reveal that the lives of artists correspond in different countries.


2 Video (2 Betacam SP, 2 DVD), 14:57 min, PAL, 4:3, color, sound, German, edition of 30, II