Spiel mit Sponsorengeld / Playing with Sponsor Money



Having been invited to design the cover of the 23rd issue of Texte zur Kunst, a German art magazine, Jankowski approached various businesses to sponsor his project. In exchange, the artist promised to include the names of the sponsors on the cover. Intent on winning extra cash and honoring the sponsors in the fanciest way possible – or losing everything – Jankowski headed for a casino. He played roulette, every time betting the highest amount possible on the number 23 until he had gambled everything away. Jankowski ended up using potato stamps to decorate the cover with the sponsors’ logos.


Spiel mit Sponsorengeld_2


Vitrine with Texte zur Kunst No. 23, b/w photograph, 17.5 24 cm, text, 21 30 cm, edition of 10, II