The group exhibition Enter – Audience/Artist/Institution at the Museum of Art Lucerne took place in a temporary exhibition space, since the new museum building was under construction. Jankowski set his work in a simulated »exhibition space of the future.« This space was a computer simulation reflecting the architectural plan of the new museum, designed by Jean Nouvel.
Jankowski’s work consists of a video portraying three separate meetings: between museum director Martin Schwander and himself, exhibition curator Barbara Steiner and herself, and Jankowski and himself – thanks to chroma key compositing or »green screen.« Each clone claims him or herself to be an artwork, making the other the recipient. Enter thus questions the role of reception and whether it’s possible to discover, in an artwork, something unexpected – something that the viewer doesn‘t already carry within him or herself





Video (1 DVD), 12:49 min, PAL, 4:3, color, sound, edition of 10, II