Let’s Get Physical/Digital



He’s in Sweden; she works in Italy. The artist and his then girlfriend Una Szeemann spent a week away from one another due to work obligations. They chose to keep in contact solely through the Internet, by chatting – a radically new technology at the time. They communicated for seven days about the places where they fantasized about meeting. At the same time, Jankowski searched online for objects to make their fantasy interiors a reality – a bed made of cream, a place to belly-dance, and a fireplace – as well as Swedish actors (each accompanied by a partner) to reenact his and Una’s chat dialogues. In a subtle nod to Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage (1973), the scenes depicted in the resulting video range from romance to crisis. The dialogue, a fractured form of language, reflects the nature of Internet communication: standing face-to-face, one actor says to another, »Are you there?«
When installed, the video is shown together with the interiors. But it has also been shown on the Internet: the digital has become physical, then digital once again.



3-1-2_Fotor 3-1-8_Fotor


Video (1 Digital Betcam, 1 DVD), 37:32 min, PAL, 16:9, color, sound, Swedish with subtitles (English), edition of 5, II

Video installation

Installation view, Kunstmuseum Bonn

Video installation (1 DVD), 37:32 min, PAL, 16:9, color, sound, Swedish with subtitles (English), diverse objects (furniture, clothes, books, etc.), edition of 7, II