Mein Erstes Buch / My First Book



During his first solo institutional exhibition (at Portikus, a legendary Frankfurt exhibition space), the artist wrote his first book – in lieu of producing a monograph, as normally organized by the institution. At the time, Portikus was situated on the side of the old city library. Its name derives from the surviving portico of the library, which was destroyed during World War II.
Over the course of the exhibition’s six-week duration, Jankowski designed six different installations – drawing on writer’s genius loci, the atmosphere generated by an inspiring place. Each week the writing style of his book changed accordingly, and he started a new chapter. For »The Inner Voyage,« Jankowski decided to take different mind-altering substances; the exhibition space was



Book, edition of 1,000



Diverse objects: furniture, posters, books, manuscripts, etc.), unique. Installation view, Portikus, Frankfurt am Main