Create Problems



By putting out an ad in the newspaper, Jankowski found real-life couples willing to reenact the opening sequences of porn films such as The Extreme Housewife or Piano Gigolo. Each couple chose a film set of their liking in the Dortmund-based porn studio of Dolly Buster, a former Czech-German pornographic actress.
The studio’s production crew then filmed them and edited the result. The couples recite the dialogue lifted from the original production filmed on the set that they chose. But suddenly, at the moment when things would normally »get down to business,« they begin arguing about »real« problems in their relationships. Afterwards, a psychotherapist discusses these tricky situations. In one S&M scene, for example, a man and woman, dressed as master and slave, learn that their relationship follows a dichotomy of freedom and dependency, both good and bad types of pain. A multilayered image emerges of both the fiction and the reality of relationship conflict as it is interpreted through media, including porn.







Video (1 DVD), 36:00 min, PAL, 4:3, color, sound, 9 c-prints (15 20 cm), 9 texts (29.7 21 cm), edition of 5, II