Möchtegern Raum / Wannabe Room



On a site visit to Kunsthaus Zürich, intrigued by a wall that didn’t reach all the way to the ceiling, Jankowski learned that the room behind it contained several large-format paintings by »contemporary masters« like Cy Twombly, Georg Baselitz, Gerhard Richter, and Sigmar Polke. Given their size, they couldn’t be moved out of the room, so they were stored just out of view. Following his desire to engage with or even enter into that recent history of great painting when he was younger, Jankowski had one of his early paintings, Capoeira II (1990), hung on a wall in that small, narrow room – actually more of a corridor. Then, Jankowski had a camera placed across from his painting generating a video feed visible on a monitor hanging on the other side of the wall, in the main exhibition space. Just as Jankowski couldn’t really access that history, viewers could only survey the room from the outside.


Installation view, Kunsthaus Zürich


Site-specific installation, wall, surveillance camera, monitor, Christian Jankowski painting (1991), acrylic on canvas, 40 50 cm,
paintings by famous painters (collection variable), dimensions variable, unique