Seminar – Selbstpositionierungen im Kunstfeld / Seminar – Self-positioning in the art field



Taking as a starting point his workshop with art students in Leipzig, Jankowski developed a video training course to teach success strategies to emerging artists. The video’s ten chapter titles include »The Power of the Collective« (teaching that there’s power in numbers) and »The Leonardo Principle« (advising students to develop autonomy by taking on the responsibilities of various art world professions). For their part, the students selected professionals from the Berlin art scene at the time – a famous curator, an influential critic, the head of a grant program – and met with them to play out key moments in an artist’s career. However, the dialogue spoken in these videotaped exchanges was written by the students themselves, so these imaginary conversations mostly sound like a dream come true. Each chapter is introduced by a narrator explaining the art historical context (scripted by the class’s professor, Beatrice von Bismarck).









Video (1 Digital Betacam, 1 DVD), 31:18 min, PAL, 4:3, color, sound, German with subtitles (English, Hungarian), edition of 5, II