16mm Mystery



In 2004, Jankowski approached two special effects experts, the Hollywood-based Brothers Strause, to help him bring a 35-mm
film to life. In the resulting Cinemascope-format, we see Jankowski, film equipment in hand, walking through the empty streets of Los Angeles, climbing steps, and finally setting up a 16-mm projector. He installs a projection screen on the roof of a parking lot, at an angle so that we can’t see what’s projected onto it, and with the Los Angeles skyline visible in the background. He starts the film rolling and leaves the frame. A few seconds later, there is a loud rumble, and a skyscraper in the background explodes in magnificent Hollywood blockbuster fire: the handiwork of the Brothers Strause. The dust settles, Jankowski returns, packs up his equipment, and exits the scene. The mystery remains, though, as to the subject of the 16-mm film, which was somehow strong enough to effect reality.








35 mm film, Video (1 Digital Betacam, 1 DVD), 5:00 min, NTSC, 16:9, color, sound, English, edition of 5, II