At the same time that Jankowski participated in the group exhibition Infiltrate at The Substation in Singapore – which investigated networks, structures, and spaces of the art world – he ran a workshop with students from the nearby LASALLE College of the Arts. Jankowski asked the students to identify with one of the artists in the exhibition, and each student was given a general introductory text about the artist as well as information about the work they planned to show in Infiltrate. The students were then asked to create a new work inspired by their alter ego. The results trod a fine line between copies and authentic works. They were subsequently presented in an exhibition, also named Infiltrate, which ran parallel to the original show and shared the same artist list. In the »original« Infiltrate exhibition, Jankowski presented the invitation card for the »other« exhibition from his group of students.

Installation and Performance

Installation view, performance by Manuela Ribadeneira, Substation
Installation view, Peter Robinson, Substation Singapore
Installation view, Substation Singapore
Installation view, Earl Lu Gallery
Installation view (detail), Heman Chong, Earl Lu Gallery