Kunstmuseum Göttingen / Museum of Art Göttingen



In 2004, Kunstverein Göttingen (Göttingen Art Association) was transformed into Kunstmuseum Göttingen (Göttingen Museum of Art). A new neon sign over the entrance indicated the restructuring, and an opening ceremony was staged. The small German town’s deep-seated desire to own a museum was fulfilled. Art was presented anew: Jankowski set up spaces for Göttingen University’s historic art collection, works from Göttingen-based private collections, and a temporary exhibition where visitors could see works by Jankowski himself. His exhibition, titled Sweet Home, referred to his own homecoming, since the artist was born in this central German town. At the end of the exhibition, however, Jankowski packed up his neon sign and left, and Kunstmuseum Göttingen was once again a Kunstverein. The museum was merely a product of the artist’s imagination.

Neon installation

Oberbürgermeister Jürgen Danielowski inaugurates the exhibition
Kunstverein Göttingen
Installation view, Art Basel Miami
Prof. Dr. Werner Schnell
Thomas Oppermann
Prof. Dr. Kurt von Figura
Gunter Hampel European Trio

Neon installation, 47 x 581 x 17 cm, unique