Angels of Revenge



At a horror convention in Chicago, Jankowski approached the
participants of a costume competition with two questions: »How were you most wronged in your life?« And: »What is your revenge fantasy against the perpetrator?« He then guided the willing participants to his hotel room, where a film team was ready and waiting. Zombies, monsters, and werewolves walk down a narrow corridor toward the camera, which then documents their private confessions and threats of vengeance intended for the subjects of their contempt. Oftentimes, the stories they tell don’t really fit the character: a werewolf complains about his stolen mobile phone, for example. Some revenge fantasies are disturbingly brutal: a monster who worked in the horror film industry threatens to stab his ex-colleague for stealing some of his clients. Encouraged by the anonymity that the costumes offer them, the horror fans become an uncanny hybrid of victims, perpetrators, therapy patients, nightmarish monsters, and ordinary people.




Angels of Revenge_a1



Video (1 Digital Betacam, 1 DVD [16 mm film transferred to video]), 11:06 min, PAL, 16:9, color, sound, English with subtitles (German)24 c-prints, each 101.6 76.2 cm, edition of 5, II