Was ich noch zu erledigen habe / What Still Needs to Be Done



For the ongoing series What Still Needs to Be Done, Jankowski uses his own to-do lists and scratch paper as the basis for a
series of neon signs. Glowing on a vast scale and in the artist’s handwriting are phrases such as »Why am I not in the Biennale?« (addressed to his gallerist, who had recently met with a pertinent curator); »Should I spend any more money?« (a question to his tax advisor shortly before the end of the year, revealing Jankowski’s intention to invest in new equipment instead of paying taxes); or everyday time management problems like »Cancel the hairdresser.« Each offers a passing glimpse into the banal concerns and thoughts of the artist. Even if some of these concerns have yet to be resolved in the artist’s daily life, they find an end as an artwork.



Endlich mit Rainer tauschen_Install. Wohnung Rainer Ganahl 2010
Installation view, Rainer Ganahl‘s apartment, New York, »Finally exchanging with Rainer«
Installation view, private house, Geneva, »Should I spend any more money?«
Installation view, Grieder Contemporary, Zurich, »Why am I not in the Biennale?«

Neon tubing, dimensions variable, edition of 25, edition of 1, I; work in progress To-do lists, mixed media on paper, DIN A4 and American standard paper