Welcome Home



Jankowski had just moved back to Berlin after living in New York for five years when he made the video Welcome Home. We see a fire burning in the brand-new hearth of his apartment, to the tune of the artist singing pop songs featuring the word »home« in the lyrics. His soft singing is homey in a way, like the crackling of the fire, redolent of the cheerful »Yule Log« or »Sweet Dreams« TV programs, which set looped footage of an open fire to a corny soundtrack. Private space mingles almost naturally with the more popular, more public, references to films and music, though there’s something artificial – something off – about the setup as well.


Installation view, Galerie Klosterfelde, Berlin
Welcome Home2
Installation view, Void, Derry





Video (1 Digital Betacam, 1 DVD), 35:10 min, color, sound, English/German, unique