The invitation: »In a ›friendly takeover,‹ internationally renowned artist Christian Jankowski will take control of the November 13, 2009, episode of aspekte. For the first time in German television history, an artist will create a magazine broadcast.« The execution: Jankowski turned the German channel ZDF’s culture program on its head. He literally took the floor out from under the feet of moderators Luzia Braun and Wolfgang Herles by hanging them upside-down from the ceiling.
The camera was also turned upside down so that, at first glance, the image looked normal to viewers. The sense of normalcy disappeared, however, the longer one watched the two moderators, with their hair standing on end – or rather hanging – and their lifted faces. With blood rushing to their heads, they tried to maintain their composure and produce a »normal« show. It was truly an example of innovative cultural journalism, where journalistic distance was lost – since the moderators reported about art while being part of an artwork themselves. In their »performance,« it was best for them to try not to cling to convention – and the same went for television viewers.

Magazine broadcast and Video

Hauptstadtstudio (Arbeitstitel), Production Still, 2009


Video (1 HD Cam, 1 Blu-ray), 45 min, PAL, 16:9, color, sound, German, edition of 5, II