Das gesunde Werden / Becoming Healthy



Jankowski spent ten days at the Lanserhof retreat in Innsbruck, Austria. Yoga, »active awakening« in the forest, water aerobics, sessions with a psychologist, balance through creativity, brain
gymnastics, Enzian bath, heart rate variability, meditation, KneippCure,
culinary workshop, deep tissue massage – Jankowski took part in everything. Meanwhile, he took photographs imitating those in a wellness catalogue: bright sunlight; nature in full bloom; attentive, smiling doctors, nutritionists, and physical trainers. In two videos, which run simultaneously, we witness Jankowski’s accomplishments as well as his failures. One video documents all of his treatments – from art therapy to the administration of an enema. The other includes interviews with the staff of Lanserhof. What did they think of the artist? How would they evaluate his progress? Viewers are confronted with the difficult task of self-development.

Mixed media Installation


Installation view, Grieder Contemporary, Zurich

Two-channel video installation (1 Digital Betacam, 2 DVD), edition of 5, II
20 photographs, each 31.4 46.8 cm (framed), edition of 5, II
Mixed media installation, art therapy painting, drugs, medical finding and ceramic, unique