Das Lachen von Dan Graham / Dan Graham’s Laughter



How does it feel being laughed at? Is there a difference if you’re being laughed at by Dan Graham, an artist who makes the subject and its relationship to its environment an important theme in his work – and who often places the viewer in a central role in his work through the use of video and mirrors? In this piece, Graham’s laughter becomes a kind of acoustic mirror, forcing viewers to consider their own actions and to react. Does the laughter distance listeners from their previous impression of Graham? The recording of Graham’s laughter comes from a conversation that Jankowski conducted with him in New York in 2008. Jankowski got rid of the rest of the recording, instead producing an audio composition of laughter without a cause, endlessly looped.

Sound installation


Christian Jankowski and Dan Graham, New York, 2008

Sound installation, 2:39 min, dimensions variable, edition of 5, II