Revolution – We had to do it!


Do we still live in an era when music is tied to counterculture and rebellion? In 2010, the theme of the Donaufestival, a festival for contemporary art and music in Austria, was »Failed Revolutions.« Following an invitation to present a performance, Jankowski asked the bands scheduled to play at the festival, »If you had to start a revolution, what would you fight for?« In exchange for free tickets, fans painted the musicians’ answers onto large banners, which they then took with them to the corresponding bands’ concerts. Unannounced, they unrolled the banners to face the stage: a fan protest either for or against the band’s revolutionary or non- revolutionary stance. The bands were suddenly confronted with their own statements, their own revolutionary claims.


9 banners with text, fabric, dimensions variable, each accompanied by 2 c-prints, each 13 x 18 cm, unique