Was alles so passieren kann / It can happen to you




The future is admittedly uncertain. Imponderables and dangers lurk at every corner. Fortunately, one can safeguard oneself against certain things; that’s why insurance exists. Jankowski submitted a proposal for a public artwork to be installed in the new building of an insurance company, R+V Insurance. On a frieze of monitors in the central atrium, at second floor level, one would see employees at their workplaces. Wholly unexpectedly, they would interrupt their daily work routine and pantomime anything that could happen: a car accident, a fire, sickness, and much more. Afterwards, each of the employees would once again resume the position they were in at the beginning, as if nothing had happened.
Unfortunately, the insurance company rejected the proposal. The possible interpretations were too uncertain. Jankowski is still looking for the right insurance company to take on the project.

Video installation






work in progress