Vive con Jesus / Live with Jesus



Jankowski invited the actor selected in Casting Jesus to visit Mexico City with him, to help him with an exhibition there, and to make a new work along the way. Jankowski placed an ad in a newspaper announcing their arrival, offering locals a once-in- a-lifetime chance to welcome Jesus into their homes: .»¡Viva con Jesús! El viene a la cuidad de México del 1ro. al 7 de abril del presente año y necesita un lindo lugar en donde quedarse, ¿Tienes tú una bonita familia ó eres dueño de algún hotel donde podría hospedarse Jesús? Él es una buena persona, limpio, callado y no fuma; Jesús te ama. Interesados contactar al teléfono: 4754-35-46!. (Live with Jesus! He’s coming to Mexico City from April 1 to 7 of this year, and he needs a place to stay. Do you have a nice family or own a hotel where you can accommodate Jesus? He is a good person, clean, quiet, and he doesn’t smoke. Jesus loves you. If interested, please call: 4754-35-46!)



Jesus hotel room

7 c-prints mounted on cardboard, 30 x 45 cm


Anzeige Ausschnitt

Newspaper advert mounted on cardboard, 30 x 22 cm, edition of 5, II