Crying for the March of Humanity


Jankowski requested Televisa, one of the largest Latin American broadcasting companies, to reproduce an entire episode of the Mexican telenovela La que no podía amar (The One Who Could Not Love). Though made with the original script, location, cast, and post-production procedure, Jankowski’s version replaces all of the actors’ dialogue with crying. Through earpieces, they were able to hear their original lines, so their cries were synchronized with the pace of the original episode.
The title of the work refers to a mural by David Alfaro Siqueiros – the world’s largest, La Marcha de la Humanidad en la Tierra yhacia el Cosmos (The March of Humanity on Earth and Toward the Cosmos, 1965–1971). Crying for the March of Humanity thus takes one of the most prominent instances of melodrama – the act of crying – and connects it to the grandiosity of Siqueiros’s title. In this way, Jankowski created a complex dialogue between two forms of mass media possessing social and political influence: the mural and the telenovela.


(1 x HD Cam, 1 x Blu-ray), 26:02 min, NTSC, 16:9, color, sound, edition of 5, II