Studies for a Monument to the Bourgeois Working Class



Inspired by a photograph that he found in the archive of David Alfaro Siqueiros depicting a woman’s manicured hand holding a drill bit, Jankowski created a series of 28 photographs. They were made with the help of employees from the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros as well as Jankowski’s Mexican gallery, Proyectos Monclova. Each participant was asked to hold the archival photograph any way they liked. The work thus thematizes the division of labor by highlighting different gestures of presenting content. It also reflects on the fact that producing an exhibition is a collective act. By symbolizing the group’s contributions – and simultaneously establishing an equal footing from the museum director to the maintenance staff – the work becomes a tribute to the workers.


28 b/w photographs, inkjet on baryt paper, each 36 x 25.5 cm, edition of 5, II