Kunstturnen / Artistic Gymnastics



Christian Jankowski has a penchant for humorous and critical redeployments of existing structures. In keeping with this tendency, he has invited an expert from the Swiss Federal Institute of Sports in Magglingen to create an exercise routine using public sculptures in Biel/Bienne. Kunstturnen (artistic gymnastics) temporarily transforms these static sculptures into dynamic objects. The routine will be available in the form of a booklet for whoever would like to give it a go.


01-chj-45058_Mov. 7

02-chj-45063_Mov. 1

03-chj-45060_Mov. 8

04-chj-45257_Mov. 2

05-chj-45078_Mov. 9

Arrangement of 14 groups of 48 b/w photographs on baryt paper, variable dimensions (from 34 x 25 to 69 x 51 cm), framed, edition of 5, II.