Manifesta 11

What People do for Money

In 2016 Christian Jankowski became the first artist to curate the 11th edition of the Manifesta Biennale in Zürich. Under the title What People do for Money, Jankowski invited artists to collaborate with local people to elaborate new artworks together. These collaborations were then filmed with young Zürich Pupils who became Journalists, interviewing the locals and their collaborating artists about their concept and partnership.

Pass Through – Yin Xunzhi
Die Reise des Samens – Una Szeemann
Nesting Box – Shelly Nadashi
Poker de Damas – Teresa Margolles
Vibration Highway – Andrea Éva Györi & Maggie Tapert and Dr. Phil. Dania Schiftan
Muthoscapes – Aslı Çavuşoĝlu & Nicolas Boissonnas
Simply The Best – Carles Congost & Roland Portmann
Romance – Ceal Floyer & Lorenz Oehler
Eternal Garden – Evgeniy Antufiev & Martin Rüsch
Halbierte Westen – Franz Erhard Walther & Thomas Deutschenbauer
Dog Salon Bobby – Guillaume Bijl & Jaqueline Meier
Ether Plane / Material Plane – Jennifer Tee & Rolf Steinmann
One Day Ahead – Fermín Jiménez Landa & Peter Wick
In Search of a Monument – Jiří Thýn & Sabrina Meyer
Imbissy – John Arnold & Fabian Spiquel
Intra- & Extraoral – Torbjorn Rodland
The World is Cuckoo (Clock) – Jon Kessler
Open Heart Warrior – Jon Rafman
Xterminating Badges – Marco Schmitt
Stress Und Freiheit – Jorinde Voigt
The Here and the Now – Leigh Ledare
Protected Building – Santiago Sierra
Ultra Violet Ritual – Matyas Chochola
When Skies Above Were Not Yet Named – Humeau Marguerite