What Could Possibly Go Wrong


When a new director was appointed to the MSU Broad Art Museum in Michigan, the international and local art scene expected to meet and greet him on the occasion of the opening of The Transported Man, the first exhibition under his leadership.
Jankowski arrived with an animal trainer and let loose an alligator in the institution, which cornered the director in a white cube of the Zaha Hadid building.
A local TV anchorman was on site to get an exclusive and witnessed how the alligator swallowed the new director whole.
Surprisingly, the director lived on in the belly of the reptile and performed the promised interview,
using the animal as a filter. He talked about his expectations, experiences, and plans regarding his position as well as the prestigious institution. In the end he even maneuvered the alligator and gave a small tour to the exhibition. Hence he was back to work in his director’s office.



Video, 9:52 cm, PAL, 16:9, color, sound, English with subtitles (English), Edition of 5, II


What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Diptych, c-prints on baryt paper, each 101,5 x 152,5 cm, framed